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Fri Aug 5 14:02:35 EST 2011

I've run several sessions of RQ for my new group of players, and so far the
system has been received very positively. They really like the internal
logic of the rules, I think. Compared to D&D, RQ offers a much more solid
and sensible foundation of logic.

One of the players told his father about the game, and his father decided
that he wanted to play too. He's an old-time RuneQuest player from the
1980s, which put a crimp in my plan to buy myself scenario-design time by
running them through Apple Lane.

I should explain (or did I already?) that I started them off in a "closed"
world which was a power source for the Greek gods. Loki discovered that
world and is ruining things, as is his wont - in this case, by "blessing"
the PCs so that they can leave their formerly closed world through a crack,
and enter other ones. Each time they enter or leave the world, the barrier
that protects it is weakened. The first world they wandered into is
Glorantha; future worlds will be in other genres, at which point I'll adopt
some of the new Basic Roleplaying rules as needed.

But the thing that worked out best was Apple Lane. Rather than run it as is,
I'm running it *after* the events in the scenario. A large gang of
relatively well-organized broo have destroyed most of the town and are
laying siege to the PCs and a few NPCs in the Tin Inn. That's giving them a
chance to see the differences in the world, both in terms of Chaos and in
the cults. At this point the scenario has rather an _Aliens_ feel, with
horrific Chaos creatures rampaging outside the walls and the PCs staging a
desperate defense.

It feels really good to be in the GM saddle again, with a group of players
that's enthusiastic and eager to play!


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