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Welcome to the list!

Your message made me think about this history of this list. It's actually
the primary reason that I got internet connectivity back in the early 1990s,
as I recall. There are archives of the older versions of the list online (
http://rpgreview.net/node/3), but those are not complete; they only go to
1987. Does anyone remember how old this list actually is?


On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 8:30 PM, <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> > Finally got around to subscribing to this list and wanted to say hi to
> > some
> > familiar faces and some new ones.
> Welcome Lawrence.... Very glad to have you here.
> > Happy to answer questions and share news on RQ6 and the Design Mechanism
> > although the bulk of the news and posts will be over the DM's website.
> Playtesting? I did send a direct email but haven't received a response
> yet...
> Best wishes,
> Lev
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