[Runequest] [RQ/General FRP]Scenario Idea - Census

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Thu Apr 21 21:19:47 EST 2011

Was listening to the raido the otehr day and tehre was talk of an upcoming
census where I stay. Got to thinking that this could be a decentish idea
for some role playing scenarios. One would assume that by its very nature
a census would be an undertaking by a civilised culture, but FRP wise:

1. Characters could be literate (scribes) and hired as census takers.
2. Characters could be hired as guards for said census takers and/or as
crowd control as likley the general populace would have to go somewhere to
be counted.
3. Census could also just mean easy pickings for characters to guard
wealthy patrons, or to do some general pickpocketing or raiding.
4. If the census taking authorities are counting other peoples who do not
necesarily see eye to eye, conquered barbarians, orcs etc, this coukd also
have various spin offs.

Am sure there may be many other ideas out there, hope its food for thought.

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