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Nice write up Simon. I would also suggest one consider who made the traps,
why and what materials are at hand. That will ensure some believability so
that jungle/bamboo style traps are not found in rocky temperate terrain

Simon Phipp wrote:
> Generally, I'm not a big fan on lots of traps - I used to be but perhaps
> got
> tired of them.
> However, in RQ there are some standard traps that can be used:
> Pit Traps - Make a Perception Roll or fall down a pit, taking Falling
> Damage,
> perhaps falling onto spikes with an extra 1D6 damage
> Dart Traps - Make  Perception Roll or set off a dart that has a chance to
> hit
> (typically 100%) doing 1D6 or 2D6 damage, possibly poisoned. Some of these
> have
> 1D6 Darts that fire at the same time.
> Collapse Traps - Make Perception Roll or cause the roof to fall in, doing
> 1-3D6
> damage to 1D3 Hit Locations (1D10+10).
> Lock Traps - Make a Manipulation Roll or set off a Lock Trap - maybe a
> poisoned
> dart or a poison cloud
> Poison Traps - Make a Manipulation Roll to avoid the poison that is
> smeared over
> the thing being checked
> Poison Cloud Traps - Make a Perception Roll to avoid setting off a gas
> cloud
> that poisons everyone in the area
> Acid Traps (My favourite) - Make a Perception Roll to avoid being hit by
> an acid
> spray, bucket of acid or similar, hitting 1D3 locations and doing acid
> damage to
> destroy that nice new armour
> Flame Traps - Make a Perception Roll to avoid setting off a nasty gout of
> flame
> doing 3D6 damage to 1D3 locations
> There are lots of other traps that you can use. Your imagination is really
> the
> only limit. Don't worry too much about how the traps work mechanically or
> why
> they still work after several years. Also, don't worry too much about the
> game
> mechanics used to make them.
> If you are converting traps from another game, just use them as they are.
> You
> might need to change the amount of damage done and the skill needed to see
> the
> trap, but apart from  that you should be able to use them as is.
> Have you seen Grimtooth's Traps? It's years old and very cumbersome but
> has nice
> D&Dish ideas about traps that can be found.
> Hope that helps
> See Ya
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