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Harry Woolley:

> hi lads as im going into the dragon mountain there are lots of traps have you 
>lot got a good site 
> i can go to were i can get a list or even beter have you got any of your own i 
>no i should think up 
> some of my own but im trying to finish the conversion from dragon mountain D&D 
>to runequest 
> mqrq deluxe,so as normal i come to you lot to bail me out.

Generally, I'm not a big fan on lots of traps - I used to be but perhaps got 
tired of them.

However, in RQ there are some standard traps that can be used:

Pit Traps - Make a Perception Roll or fall down a pit, taking Falling Damage, 
perhaps falling onto spikes with an extra 1D6 damage

Dart Traps - Make  Perception Roll or set off a dart that has a chance to hit 
(typically 100%) doing 1D6 or 2D6 damage, possibly poisoned. Some of these have 
1D6 Darts that fire at the same time.

Collapse Traps - Make Perception Roll or cause the roof to fall in, doing 1-3D6 
damage to 1D3 Hit Locations (1D10+10).

Lock Traps - Make a Manipulation Roll or set off a Lock Trap - maybe a poisoned 
dart or a poison cloud

Poison Traps - Make a Manipulation Roll to avoid the poison that is smeared over 
the thing being checked

Poison Cloud Traps - Make a Perception Roll to avoid setting off a gas cloud 
that poisons everyone in the area

Acid Traps (My favourite) - Make a Perception Roll to avoid being hit by an acid 
spray, bucket of acid or similar, hitting 1D3 locations and doing acid damage to 
destroy that nice new armour

Flame Traps - Make a Perception Roll to avoid setting off a nasty gout of flame 
doing 3D6 damage to 1D3 locations

There are lots of other traps that you can use. Your imagination is really the 
only limit. Don't worry too much about how the traps work mechanically or why 
they still work after several years. Also, don't worry too much about the game 
mechanics used to make them.

If you are converting traps from another game, just use them as they are. You 
might need to change the amount of damage done and the skill needed to see the 
trap, but apart from  that you should be able to use them as is.

Have you seen Grimtooth's Traps? It's years old and very cumbersome but has nice 
D&Dish ideas about traps that can be found.

Hope that helps

See Ya

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