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Sven Lugar vikingjarl at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 03:36:53 EST 2011

In this case
1. our area is marked no spray, because of it being a forest preserve.
2. She mostly stayed in the house with us because she was very bonded to 
us, but had an outdoor yard that is entirely fenced off & is 50 yards 
from any public area - a bit to far for any spray to reach.
3. This neighbor has shot me once, caught on camera poisoning our well, 
stolen things found in his house, & other issues over a 7 year period. 
Because is well connected politically, he's gotten away with them.
4. He's BRAGGING about doing it. And publicly threatening to kill us. 
Once again no protection from the local police.

And perhaps you should find out more before pontificating at someone & 
assuming that they are so stupid as to just leap at blame. Insult 
accepted, Mr Woolley.

On 4/17/2011 5:13 AM, harry woolley wrote:
> thanks sven its a list i had one but lost it and forgot were i got 
> it,trapdoors,booby traps,and so  on,sorry about your dog,most of the 
> dogs in britain get poisond by the local aurthorites spraing the weeds 
> around the houses does yours do the same ask before you blame sombody.
>         harry
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