[Runequest] HeroQuests...

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Sun Oct 31 21:39:31 EST 2010

Hi people,

After a 3.5 year, 70 session plus RuneQuest (mainly III, a bit of AiG, a
bit of MRQI/II) campaign I'm nearing the end... The PCs have collected
the torches (c.f., Plunder) containing Yelmalio's Blood and are seeking
ingress to Redstone Caverns where they will empty the torches into fire
spirit and engage in the famous Hill of Gold HeroQuest, and regain said
powers for Yelmalio...

Now I've read a few ways to conduct HeroQuests using RuneQuest... What
are your recommendations?

(I have a couple of weeks; a bunch of people trying to sneak into
Redstone Caverns is hard enough!)

All the best,

Lev Lafayette

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