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Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Wed Nov 24 03:32:19 EST 2010

At 02:36 PM 11/18/2010, you wrote:

>The issue is that often there was no reason to wait around for a 
>"telling blow"; if you can hit someone's arm a good strike with a 
>staff, that'll move things toward the intent to defeat him too, 
>rather than wait around for an opening that's actually more likely 
>to come if you've already numbed that arm.  While its' all fine and 
>good to want that finishing shot, waiting around for it rather than 
>taking the targets you're presented seems, well, suboptimal.
>Who said anything about waiting around for a finishing shot? You 
>only get to select a Combat Manoeuvre if you gain one or more levels 
>of success over your foe. In the meantime you are still happily 
>bashing away at them as per normal. :)

I was responding to the discussion of what people did in real 
sparring and the like, not the game mechanic end of it.

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