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2010/11/22 Bjørn Are Stølen <stolenbjorn at hotmail.com>

> Personally, I've made house-rules where you drop "dodge", "parry" and
> "attack" as separate skills, you simply have "fight". Fighters then roll
> opposed rolls inspired by the resistance-table in RQ3, and the margin of
> success on your opponent (say both have same skill, you then have 50 - 50%,
> if you roll-say 10, you have a margin of success by 40. If your opponent
> roll 60, that's a +10, with a total margin of success of 50) determines how
> much fluff you can impose on your victim. Suggestions of options is given a
> margin of success-value that the winning-player can choose. The ability to
> aim is one of those options.
So would you roll one roll per round, with that including both players
"attacks" and resolved essentially simultaneously, or on each of their
actions do they get an "attack" resisted vs the opponent's "fight"?

If you have an expert against a novice - say 120% vs 20%, there's no
conceivable way the novice can get lucky?
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