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I like this. I fight Historical european longsword, I have allso tried the I-33 manual. In addition, I fight re-enactment-fighting, and allthough you can question realizm in a light contact-system, all of my experiences support that you don't aim when you're engaged in a melee-fight. If you really wanted to have aiming as an integrated part of the combat-system, you could have advanced tables based on statistics from melee-fights. Certain angles of attacks usually results in certain areas hit. For instance when two people with swords of the same length, you generally don't see that many hits in the legs, and if there are leg-hits, it's usually because one of the fighters are vastly inferior to the other person. IMO it's far to many variables. 
Personally, I've made house-rules where you drop "dodge", "parry" and "attack" as separate skills, you simply have "fight". Fighters then roll opposed rolls inspired by the resistance-table in RQ3, and the margin of success on your opponent (say both have same skill, you then have 50 - 50%, if you roll-say 10, you have a margin of success by 40. If your opponent roll 60, that's a +10, with a total margin of success of 50) determines how much fluff you can impose on your victim. Suggestions of options is given a margin of success-value that the winning-player can choose. The ability to aim is one of those options.

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> Pete Nash:
> > As for allowing regular selection of 'Choose Location', well that is exactly
> > what happens in a real armed combat between two competent fighters.
> > ... but if your opponent can't get their block or ward up
> > in time then you will hit them in the face because it is precisely what you
> > were aiming for.
> From my limited experience of LARP fighting, you take the shots that
> you can get. I might want to hit the guy somewhere specific (head
> shots were forbidden for safety reasons), but he's got a shield or
> weapon in the way most of the time, so I mostly ended up hitting
> people in the ankles. So a "failed" parry might well mean that I get
> to hit him, but not where I wanted to.
> I think I might try running my next MRQ fight with a rule mod: Choose
> Location can only be picked on an unopposed melee attack. The tank in
> my group has a bonus CA from Enhance INT and Enhance DEX so in most
> 1-on-1 fights he gets one or two free hits anyway.
> Phil.
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