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As Phil says. Plus I do find that having say a dozen different modifiers
that might come into play doesn't look much on paper but once in you're in
the middle of a fight then there's a lot going on. I know the system inside
and out but I'm forever forgetting stuff and I would say the majority of my
playgroup aren't interested in rules mastery.

I'm put in mind of a thread I see every now and then on rpgnet where someone
will say tell me abour merp or rolemaster. Someone else will say it's
complex and then a third person will say, no it's easy as long as you have
copies of the key tables for your character it goes like a dream.

No edition of RQ is that complex but I tend to find that in practice the
more you try to manage game situations through innovative modifiers the more
the modifiers simply become a disincentive to do anything beyond swinging
with an axe. I'm sure some groups have been playing together for years with
each member being highly clued up with the rules. That's not an experience
I've had in 25 years plus of gaming.

On 19 November 2010 00:30, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com> wrote:

> Styopa:
> > Or, you just have players that know the rules and so when you ask for
> > initiative rolls, they add in their mods and tell you the result.  When
> they
> > swing, they say "ok I'm at 84% to hit, so 42 for a called shot and +10
> for
> > height advantage" they roll and it's done.
> I don't have the luxury of choosing experienced, mathematically adept
> roleplayers. One of my best friends has no ability with numbers or
> rules at all, but he's a friend and I like gaming with him, I don't
> want to penalize him just because he isn't that good at maths and
> remembering rules.
> Phil.
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