[Runequest] special hit mechanisms.

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Fri Nov 19 16:28:54 EST 2010

At 5:27 PM -0600 18/11/10, Styopa wrote:
>Actually I liked the earlier comment about comparing the two skills 
>and the level of success gives the victor more options for doing 
>special stuff.  Sounds a lot like Harn combat, which I liked a LOT.

	I think that is interesting.
	I'd rather go with penalties to skill, though. It sort of has 
a similar effect a lot of the time, but it gets back to the high 
level combat being boring issue.
	If it comparison based, then two equallty skilled opponents 
still have a pretty boring time.
	If it is based on penalties to roll, then two skilled 
opponents (say, 150%) effectively have a nice skill buffer before 
they lower their chance that gives them freedom to try some 
interesting combat options, which potentially makes combat 

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