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>  Well, this is a pain a certain place. I've been studying longswordmanuals
> from 14th and 15th century europe the past years, and nowhere do I see any
> particular technique where you aim for a certain location. What you do, is
> that you attack along different lines, that often ends up that you're hit
> certain places. The most common places you're hit when applying theese old
> techniques are hands, arms and head. This will of course differ from weapon
> to weapon. And from technique to technique.
> The way I've decided to solve "aiming", is to not allow aiming at all, but
> letting the fighters roll oposing rolls. The margin of success can be used
> to either increase damage or to aim certain places, symbolizing that your
> skills are so superior that you manage to set up your opponent for an aimed
> attack.

Frankly, that's something I tried on and off again to figure out how to do,
too (although in my case it was for combat rules for a science fiction

For ranged combat, I wanted to try something like a single roll that
resolved hit, location, and lethality - my premise started with a
transparent overlay with concentric circles and a radial grid using clock
numbers for the radial lines.  Players would lay the grid over the target
(for people I had varying outline figures for ranges of "point blank",
"short", medium, etc. One roll of a handful of d6's and a d12 would resolve
where on the target the shot hit...thus if players generally aimed center of
mass, they had the most margin of error, but if they wanted to try to shoot
the target's right eye, they could.
Ultimately, the system failed for a number of reasons I could never
satisfactorily resolve, always bumping up against the "ok this is adequately
accurate but involves so many calculations and cross-checks it defeats the
"one-roll-resolution" I was hoping for..."

Plus, I could never figure out how to adequately cope with melee weapons,
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