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Well, this is a pain a certain place. I've been studying longswordmanuals from 14th and 15th century europe the past years, and nowhere do I see any particular technique where you aim for a certain location. What you do, is that you attack along different lines, that often ends up that you're hit certain places. The most common places you're hit when applying theese old techniques are hands, arms and head. This will of course differ from weapon to weapon. And from technique to technique.
The way I've decided to solve "aiming", is to not allow aiming at all, but letting the fighters roll oposing rolls. The margin of success can be used to either increase damage or to aim certain places, symbolizing that your skills are so superior that you manage to set up your opponent for an aimed attack.

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Hi all
I’m currently trying to clean up the combat system we are using for our pulp horror game which uses a lot of RQ mechanics (it’s a sort of super CoC with some D20 added) and I was wondering how do people run hitting a specific hit location. It’s a tough thing to get right you don’t want it to be too complicated so it doesn’t take too long, It can’t be too easy or everyone hits everything in the head, but if it’s too hard no one ever tries which is a bit sad because sometimes you want the players to try more daring things.
I’m very interested any anyone’s experiences or preferences regardless of whether its RQ2, RQ3 MRQ or some evil hybrid of all of them
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