[Runequest] hitting a specific hit location

Cory Davis C.DAVIS at uws.edu.au
Fri Nov 19 08:48:24 EST 2010

Hi all


I've always thought that the RQ3 method was too hard, halving your
chance AND going in the last SR means you wouldn't bother on anything
but the worst opponents, and if they are that bad just regular hits will
kill them anyway


The MRQ2 method sounds interesting though it does sound like it's not
very transferrable


I always liked the each SR penalty you take you can modify the hit
location roll from RQ2 but sometimes it did seem too easy


Another version I toyed with for a bit was that when you had a special
success, instead of taking the double damage, you could choose between
location, double damage or no armour, on a critical success you got to
choose 2. I could never get it to work properly with parries though


Everyone has only been talking about its use in melee how about in
ranged combat, any comments





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