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Oh! Yes, that just reminded me of the other approach we used, just 
before my last gaming group went on the hiatus of doom.

I've just dug out the house rules file with that procedure here, and 
will paste it here:

Aimed Blows in Melee

If a character has an attack% of 50% or more, allow the character to 
roll the hit location that would be affected by that attack during the 
Statement of Intent phase, so that the character may decide whether to 
attempt to exploit that opportunity, or to try a different attack in 
the hopes of hitting a different location. A character may roll one 
opening for every available attack over 50%. If an attack skill is over 
100%, the player character may roll two openings.

	Rationale: Aimed blows in melee are not so much a matter of shooting 
at a target as they are a matter of waiting for and exploiting a 
suitable opening, and passing up openings on other locations. This 
approach models that, and also creates incentive to vary one’s attack 

PC: Okay, so I'm facing the angry mercenary, right? Let's see, I have a 
sword attack of 78%. I rolled a 16, so his left arm. Which has a shield 
strapped to it, right?

GM: Yep.

PC: Hmmm. So it's gotta have somewhere upward of a dozen armour points 
if I hit it. Bah. I have a Fist attack of 62%, can I check that?

GM: Sure. Technically it's probably a sword attack, if you're bashing 
with the pommel of your sword, but I'll allow it using fist skill and 
fist damage.

PC: Great! Okay, I rolled... 12. I can punch him in the chest. Nah, 
don't think I like that, not with his armour and only fist damage.

GM: Not necessarily such a bad thing. He's wearing bezainted, which is 
normally 4 points, and with your damage bonus you could do up to 7 on a 
normal hit. Plus on a special you'd get knockback.

PC: Yeah, that's true. Well, I've got to shield parry that sword slash 
at my exposed abdomen, for sure, but for my attack, do I want to punch 
his chest or take my chances kicking for a random location? I don't 
have any other available attacks at over 50%. Hmm. All right, I'm 
tempted to try a kick and  hope for a good location. Yeah. Shield parry 
the sword slash, and kick randomly, that's what I'll do. And maybe 
improve that kick skill, too, even.

On 18-Nov-10, at 8:05 AM, Phil Hibbs wrote:

> Pete Nash:
>> As for allowing regular selection of 'Choose Location', well that is 
>> exactly
>> what happens in a real armed combat between two competent fighters.
>> ... but if your opponent can't get their block or ward up
>> in time then you will hit them in the face because it is precisely 
>> what you
>> were aiming for.
> From my limited experience of LARP fighting, you take the shots that
> you can get. I might want to hit the guy somewhere specific (head
> shots were forbidden for safety reasons), but he's got a shield or
> weapon in the way most of the time, so I mostly ended up hitting
> people in the ankles. So a "failed" parry might well mean that I get
> to hit him, but not where I wanted to.
> I think I might try running my next MRQ fight with a rule mod: Choose
> Location can only be picked on an unopposed melee attack. The tank in
> my group has a bonus CA from Enhance INT and Enhance DEX so in most
> 1-on-1 fights he gets one or two free hits anyway.
> Phil.
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