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On 18 November 2010 15:05, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com> wrote:

> Pete Nash:
> > As for allowing regular selection of 'Choose Location', well that is
> exactly
> > what happens in a real armed combat between two competent fighters.
> > ... but if your opponent can't get their block or ward up
> > in time then you will hit them in the face because it is precisely what
> you
> > were aiming for.
> From my limited experience of LARP fighting, you take the shots that
> you can get. I might want to hit the guy somewhere specific (head
> shots were forbidden for safety reasons), but he's got a shield or
> weapon in the way most of the time, so I mostly ended up hitting
> people in the ankles. So a "failed" parry might well mean that I get
> to hit him, but not where I wanted to.
> So what you're saying here is that in your limited experience of a pretend
form of fighting in which you are not allowed to aim for the head you found
that you weren't skilful enough to aim for anywhere other than the ankles
unless your more skilled opponent accidentally left another more vital
location open in which case you could aim for it.

That seems to translate to, if opponent failed parry and you succeeded at
your attack then you can aim for a vital location but not the head.

Personally I can't see that extrapolating for any sort of LARP experience
tells us anything useful. In a "real" combat where your opponent is free to
aim for your head suddenly parrying gets a lot more difficult.

As for choose location, if you get it in RQ you could say that if you were
massively more skilful than your opponent it's probably a case of it being
due to your skill whereas if you have limited experience it's probably due
to an opponent's mistake. You don't need to get overly literal with the
interpretation of dice roll results.
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