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On 18 November 2010 10:08, Hola Hallo <easysamurai at gmail.com> wrote:

I also use this RQ3 rule, but instead of halving the skill, I apply a -50%
> modifier, which I think is fairer, IMHO.
> I'm still not convinced by the new MRQ2 rule, where you can hit your
> enemy's head just by rolling a successful hit and him/her an unsuccessful
> parry. And you?

MRQ2 combat was designed to allow a great deal of tactical flexibility. By
not penalising the players, it encourages *dynamic *fights. Ones which
better reflect the techniques shown in historical fight manuals, which are
themselves a more truthful representation of personal combat in earlier

As for allowing regular selection of 'Choose Location', well that is exactly
what happens in a real armed combat between two competent fighters.
Sometimes you are parried, sometimes you miss, very occasionally something
unexpected happens... but if your opponent can't get their block or ward up
in time then you *will* hit them in the face because it is precisely what
you were aiming for.

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