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> I use the half rule; flat modifiers mean (essentially) that unless you're
> middling good with a weapon, you shouldn't even bother aiming.  I find that
> both needlessly penalizing and excessively restricting choice to the newer
> characters.   Now I DO add an "it takes you an extra d6+3 SR" modifier,
> ruling that if it runs past the end of the round, you never found the 'gap'
> you were looking for.
> In general any modifier that makes it hard to do means that you probably
shouldn't bother doing it. i.e. hefty negatives are *deterrents* to
undertaking the activity. Personally if a player said to me "my character
wants to try to hit the troll in the head" I don't want to say "Ok, you can
give it a try but your character's skill is halved and you have to wait an
extra d6+3 SRs." The player's response it going to be "Ok I'll just hit it
normally with my axe then."

Either that or this happens...
SR6, who's go?
Me! My character wants to try to hit the troll in the head
Ok make your attack.
I roll 41, that's a hit, I hit it in the head.
What? Oh it was an aimed blow. I remember you saying.
I thought you were 70%?
I'm standing on the table so that gives me +10% remember.
Oh ok. That still doesn't add up does it?
I thought you added the modifiers after the attack.
Yes you're right, I had forgotten that. We'll check afterwards though I
never remember which way round it goes. So roll damage.
Yeah! 11 damage! That'll teach it.
Ok. Oh, hang on again, did you add the d6+3SRs?
Roll d6 then. We'll keep the results but it'll happen later in the round
unless things change.
Rolled a 3 that's SR12 then.
Ah that means you can't do it.
But I thought I hit it?
Well you would have done if there had been an opening but there must not
have been one. He probably saw you aiming for his head and protected it.
Damn. Can I just choose to hit it normally? I'm standing on a table so I
probably have a bonus to hit it in the head rather than the foot anyway.
Sorry, too late. Maybe next round.
Right, anyone else on SR6?

SR6 anyone?
Me. My character wants to try to hit the troll in the head.
OK. Make your attack as normal but if you get a combat manoeuvre you can
choose to hit it in the head rather than rolling randomly.
How do I get a combat manoeuvre?
If your attack works and the troll misses its parry you get one.
OK. I roll 41. That's a hit!
Troll rolls its parry. 81. It fails.
Yeah! 11 damage! That'll teach it.
Hm. That's a nasty looking wound but it just seems to make the troll
Game continues.

Obviously if players are as boned up on the rules as the GM and no one
forgets to account for modifiers, properly calculates them and so on then
that's great. Personally I don't want to go through that much calculation to
decide whether or not the troll was hit in the head. I do realise that for
some people, maximising their chances through modifiers is part of the fun.
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