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On 18 November 2010 09:08, Hola Hallo <easysamurai at gmail.com> wrote:

> I also use this RQ3 rule, but instead of halving the skill, I apply a -50%
> modifier, which I think is fairer, IMHO.
> I'm still not convinced by the new MRQ2 rule, where you can hit your
> enemy's head just by rolling a successful hit and him/her an unsuccessful
> parry. And you?
IIRC RQ2's rule was to delay X SRs and be able to shift the location roll by
+/- X. I always thought that was a neat rule. I presume it worked for ranged
combat too though I wouldn't swear to it.

I never liked the RQ3 rule. Even back in the day I had no tolerance for
halving skills especially if other modifiers got added as well. However with
only 10SRs and slightly higher SR values, you couldn't easily port over the
RQ2 rule.

MRQ1 had a flat -40% modifier for any sort of precise attack.

MRQII is my preference because as I've got older I don't want every single
attack sequence to start with a bunch of modifiers and a bunch of decision
making that ends up making the success chance lower. Basically you get
penalised for trying to do anything other than stand there and swing an axe
and hope. A "post-roll" system like MRQII allows you to remove about 3/4 of
all pre-roll modifiers and nearly all decision making in favour of making
decisions as and when you get an opening. And by integrating special results
and tactics into one mechanic you can make tactical choices. e.g. you attack
and your opponent misses their parry, leaving an opening. You could aim for
the head but if he has a full helm maybe you'll do no more than give him a
headache, or you could aim for a weak spot and impale probably doing more
damage or you could try and trip him. What you tend to find is that new
players assume that hitting the head will always be good. Experienced
players learn to adjust their tactics. That said, it would be a mistake IMHO
to import just some of the post-roll mechanics you pretty much have to take
it all or not at all. Trying to mix the two would be up there with having
pasta on your pizza.
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