[Runequest] hitting a specific hit location

Cory Davis C.DAVIS at uws.edu.au
Thu Nov 18 11:30:41 EST 2010

Hi all

I'm currently trying to clean up the combat system we are using for our
pulp horror game which uses a lot of RQ mechanics (it's a sort of super
CoC with some D20 added) and I was wondering how do people run hitting a
specific hit location. It's a tough thing to get right you don't want it
to be too complicated so it doesn't take too long, It can't be too easy
or everyone hits everything in the head, but if it's too hard no one
ever tries which is a bit sad because sometimes you want the players to
try more daring things.

I'm very interested any anyone's experiences or preferences regardless
of whether its RQ2, RQ3 MRQ or some evil hybrid of all of them


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