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Tom Cantine tcantine at incentre.net
Thu Nov 18 02:54:34 EST 2010

I don't make them make idea rolls to remember things as such. If they 
ask me, as GM, something their character should know, I tell them. The 
idea roll is primarily a mechanic I use to govern inter-player chatter, 
when the PCs themselves are not talking in character.

There was always a tension between the need to have players play their 
OWN characters without interference, and the occasional urge to stop a 
fellow player from doing something stupid. I got kind of tired of 
telling my players to shut up if they weren't talking in character, and 
found that this mechanic was a nice compromise. You, player of Bortho, 
want to tell player of Grothnar to remember to leave word with the 
innkeeper where he's going? I as a GM might not want you to do that; 
legitimate player mistakes are a great resource for the GM to add 
challenge. I found that my players quite eagerly embraced the INT check 
as a limit on interplayer hints; when they missed the roll, they were 
very happy to let the other player continue without the hint, as the 
PC's oversight was legitimized by the dice roll.

On 17-Nov-10, at 1:20 AM, Phil Hibbs wrote:

> Tom:
>> ... simple insights or even disclosed facts that the PC in
>> question may actually have forgotten. ("What was the name of that guy 
>> we
>> were supposed to be looking for, again?") ...
> I wouldn't make a player make an Idea roll for that - our memories are
> too full of our own lives to be expected to cram in another life.
> Phil Hibbs.
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