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> The problem with theese kind of solution is in the opposite situation, 
> when the GM has a lower IQ than the players. That's a bit silly put, what 
> I'm trying to say, is that sometimes you have GM's that have a quite 
> rudimentary knowledge of how things work (like riding, use of certain 
> types of equipment, etc). It can be quite trying to be a player that 
> happens to know quite a lot of some skill, and have the players do 
> something utterly stupid and be rewarded by it, because the players have 
> successfully rolled an idea test, and the GM have supplied the players 
> with advise he believes to be smart. The best thing in theese situations 
> have been for me (as player) to keep quiet, but I must admit that it makes 
> me a bit weary of Idea-rolls.
> We played CoC-dark-ages once, with a gm that knows as much about horses as 
> I do about Pebbel-sizes in the town of Bismarck in USA (which isn't much), 
> It was not very fun to be given "advise", but I didn't want to tell him to 
> shut up, because I didn't want to ruin the game for my fellow players, I 
> didn't want to embarras the GM, and my character did succeed thanks to the 
> utterly stupid things he did with and on that horse, on GM advise :D
Thats a pretty valid point. Generally I allow players to come up with their 
own ideas, but if it doesn't fit with what I think their PC would know (ie: 
A Praxian Barbarian having intimate knowledge of the Lunar Nobility) I just 
disallow it.

If its something they may know (Ie: A Praxian Barbarain having knowledge o 
Lunar Military Tactics) I'll allow an INT roll.

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