[Runequest] [MRQ II] MRQ Edition Comparison

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Nov 17 00:31:30 EST 2010

Lev Lafayette wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> A few noticeable differences;
> a) Skills are now 'balanced' with each one equal to two
> characteristics.
> b) Cultural backgrounds now follow the Lewis Morgan derived RQIII
> categories (Primitive, Nomad, Barbarian, Civilised)
> c) Special Combat Maneuvers are determined *after* determining success.
> d) Runes are no longer physical objects.
> These are mostly positive changes in my opinion.
> HTH,

Thanks Lev. That reminds me, think I recall the short article I read
saying something about them merging the parry and dodge skills. Something
that may have some value. In my RQIII campaign - my own fault i - I have
created a prescidence for people parrying and dodging using both their
compat movements. Nothing wrong with the tactic i suppose...

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