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Tue Nov 16 23:47:56 EST 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-16 at 09:11 +0200, Tony Den wrote:
> Hi All

Hi Tony,

> I see that the Second Edition Mongoose RuneQuest is in full swing now. Any
> ideas what the difference between first and second editions is? I read a
> short article in Signs and Portents but it only intimated a few minor
> fixes - or so I understood not having any of the first edition rules(bar
> empires that is).

A few noticeable differences;

a) Skills are now 'balanced' with each one equal to two
b) Cultural backgrounds now follow the Lewis Morgan derived RQIII
categories (Primitive, Nomad, Barbarian, Civilised)
c) Special Combat Maneuvers are determined *after* determining success.
d) Runes are no longer physical objects.

These are mostly positive changes in my opinion.



> Oh, FWIW - old news I suppose - but they are flogging quite a bit of 1st
> ed stuff in their OOP stock sale -
> http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpg/series.php?qsSeries=67
> >From the prices I recall, items are quite discounted.
> Cheers
> Tony
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