[Runequest] Highlevel combat

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Tue Nov 16 18:11:04 EST 2010

At 08:23 PM 11/13/2010, you wrote:

>On 13-Nov-10, at 2:42 AM, Dale Long wrote:
>>If we take purely simulationist roleplaying, we would also need to 
>>consider removing the smart input from players, the good results 
>>derived from role-playing and other similar factors. These elements 
>>also operate at the same "story telling" level as Hero points, but 
>>Hero points do it in a measured mechanical way, that can also be 
>>used to complement those elements.
>Actually, I stumbled upon a trick for that (i.e. PCs coming up with 
>ideas beyond their IQ capacity) that worked really well in my gaming 
>group. Whenever you want to make an OOC suggestion to another player 
>as to what their PC should do, you ask them to make an INT check. If 
>they don't make it, you keep quiet; if they do, you can tell them your idea.

That doesn't do much to address the player who is smarter than his 
_own_ character.

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