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In RQ2 the attacker used to subtract their attack over 100 from the
opponent's parry. i.e. 140 vs 130 became 140 vs 90 as I remember. (I don't
remember the defender being able to do the same though of course defense was
a factor).

I actually prefer the RQ2 system slightly broadened so I use skill over 100
(rounded down to the nearest 10) subtracted from opponent. E.g. 123 vs 90
would end up 123 vs 70. Conversely 135 vs 123 would end up as 115 vs 93. It
can still take a long time because you are still waiting for one of them to
fail or to roll a critical. RQII does have an extra wrinkle though which is
that parries gain Combat manoeuvres too so if a high level misses an attack
then you can potentially disarm, break weapon, trip the opponent and so on.
Surprising though it might seen, on a 115 vs 93 there's just under a 30%
chance of something significant happening.*

*something significant is critical vs non-critical or success vs

On 8 November 2010 17:03, Wayne Shaw <shaw at caprica.com> wrote:

> At 05:46 AM 11/7/2010, you wrote:
>> For oponents with skills over 100%, MRQ2 has a rule that both sides
>> subtract the "highest skill minus 100", so 150% vs 130% becomes 100%
>> vs 80%.
> That could be read between the lines as applying in RQ2 too; at least I saw
> a lot of groups that did it.
> Only helped so much, of course; if one side has 130% and one 140%, the net
> 90 versus 100 still took a fair while to resolve unless a third party butted
> in.
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