[Runequest] High level RQ

Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 03:29:39 EST 2010

> Only helped so much, of course; if one side has 130% and one 140%, the net
> 90 versus 100 still took a fair while to resolve unless a third party butted
> in.

What's the alternative? How often do you see a movie fight between two
top-notch fighters that is over in a couple of hits? How do other
systems manage it? I contend that they all hang on a small chance of
someone screwing up or getting a crit when skills are close and no-one
"cheats" (e.g. uses magic that the other can't counter). There are
bound to be a few counterexamples, such as iaijutsu duels in L5R, but
those are special cases.

Phil Hibbs.
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