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Tue Nov 9 01:55:24 EST 2010

>>Hm, I'm not sure I like Hero Points. It opens the question, "How did
>>you pull that off?", to which the in-character answer is either, "er,
>>lucky I guess", or "er, a God did it". I'd rather characters could
>>take the credit for their achievements, rather than having to be
>>helped out by a deus-ex-machina. If you want to play a game where the
>>characters are heroes overcoming outrageous odds, then in my opinion,
>>magic is the way to go, not fudge.

To me rpg is still story creation just like a novel. If every novel eliminated 
deus ex machina plot protection of the character, James Bond would never make it 
out alive to the end of a story.

SInce in rpgs' the story is a group creation, instead of just the GM as author, 
I think fate points or hero points or whatever, allows the player to give their 
protagonists a little needed plot immunity, to handle unreal threats (magic and 

Now if the point can be spent and explained away in the characters terms as 
extreme effort .. or emotional super charging .. or iron willed focus .. great 
.. but if it cant (hey there was a branch that slowed my fall on the way down, 
just happened to be there).. then "luck" or "the hand of god" .. is perfectly 
appropriate for a hero in a story .. 

In most stories the heros do either tend to be extremely lucky .. or blessed by 
god .. things just fall into place whne needed to help them over come the 
impossible odds .. 


Gregory Huelsenbeck
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