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Tue Nov 9 01:20:02 EST 2010

> On 8 November 2010 12:09, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com> wrote:
>> For my player, it was a way to
>> use up that POW without going down the "magic user" route.
> So rather than using increasing POW to learn new spells he used it to gain
> more Hit Points so he would be a better fighter. Guaranteeing him that
> providing he was on full hit points he could always survive a crossbow
> quarrel right between the eyes. Or if he fell off a 10m cliff he would be ok
> providing he landed on his head.
> Straw man? Perhaps. But so's saying that Hero Points mean "er god did it."

Then again, much of "high level" play - particularly in RQ - is, in fact,
about saying "god* did it"
*for large enough values of "god"

Sounds more like your issue isn't with the route of Strengthening
Enchantments, but instead with high level play in general - which is fine,
YGMV.   But whether you use Hero Points, Strength Enchantments, or whatever,
I think it's implicit in the mechanics that at a certain point, humans are
just to intrinsically frail to survive what's happening.

Basically: RQ is a reality-based system.  Unsurprisingly, as the situations
become more and more fanciful, the system fails to perform enjoyably.
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