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On 8 November 2010 12:09, Phil Hibbs <snarks at gmail.com> wrote:

> For my player, it was a way to
> use up that POW without going down the "magic user" route.

So rather than using increasing POW to learn new spells he used it to gain
more Hit Points so he would be a better fighter. Guaranteeing him that
providing he was on full hit points he could always survive a crossbow
quarrel right between the eyes. Or if he fell off a 10m cliff he would be ok
providing he landed on his head.

Straw man? Perhaps. But so's saying that Hero Points mean "er god did it."

That and the fact that for me, I learned RQ long before I read D&D for the
first time. For me one of the defining features of RQ was that no matter how
many monsters you killed, a crossbow bolt between the eyes equalled dead.
Strengthening Enchantments were one of many innovations in RQ3 which for me
weakened the game.*

*On the whole I had a slight preference for RQ3 over RQ2 because it held
together better and it was more set-up to run non-Gloranthan settings which
was the majority of what I ran.
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