[Runequest] Strengthening Enchantments etc.

Nikk Effingham nikk.effingham at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 21:48:57 EST 2010

I hated those enchantments as well - in fact, all of them. When the
campaign went high level it started to get silly, partiuclarly as the
enemy had to have them too so they could compete. Which meant that
everytime the enemy was defeated, their matrices and enchantments went
to the PCs as well. I know some of this could've been avoided, say by
making all enchantments tatoos, or user restrictions, but I figured
this wasn't fixing the core problem that a character with 36 hit
points and 300 magic points was essentially extending very boring
combats even longer (we, too, had the problem where we were
essentially rolling dice waiting for a critical as a special generally
didn't do enough damage to penetrate armour).

The fix I opted for on the magic items front was to limit a character
to one type of every magic item. So they can have only one spell
matrix, one strengthening enchantment, one magic point matrix etc.
When they become rune lords or priests, they can have two of every

The other problem we had with str. enchantments was that they made
life HARDER. More hit points meant more to heal - which was often a
bad thing if you met something cleaving through you, as it'd take you
to minus negatives which meant that even more magic points had to be
spent to heal yourself back up to consciousness in the head, or heal
your arm back up to a stage where it can be used. Compounded with the
fact that characters can now only have one or two magic point sources,
I've changed them entirely. Both str. enchantments and Vigour only
give 'ablative hit points'. These hit points don't change your
location hit points, but are instead in a pool of their own. When you
take damage, damage always comes from the ablative pool first,
obviating any damage to locations. So now having more hit points is
always a good thing, and you're never regretting the fact that you
have a strengthening enchantment.


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