[Runequest] Highlevel combat

Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 21:25:17 EST 2010

> It was about a year after I started running
> RQ3 that I banned strengthening and armoring enchantments and adopted
> hero points instead. I felt much happier with that.

Hm, I'm not sure I like Hero Points. It opens the question, "How did
you pull that off?", to which the in-character answer is either, "er,
lucky I guess", or "er, a God did it". I'd rather characters could
take the credit for their achievements, rather than having to be
helped out by a deus-ex-machina. If you want to play a game where the
characters are heroes overcoming outrageous odds, then in my opinion,
magic is the way to go, not fudge. And if the player doesn't like
fiddling around with spell durations and magic points, then getting
some static or simple-to-use enchantments is ideal.

Don't you just hate self-referential sigs?

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