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I must admit that strengthening enchantments were something I disliked with
a passion after playing with them in my first campaign. It just felt like a
case of higher level characters gaining additional Hit Points. It also
tended to make RQ3 in particular feel as though it were a game where they
only way to be a swashbuckling hero was to be loaded to the gunnels with
magic. It didn't help that most of my RQ3 campaigns were ones where magic
was only known by specialists. It was about a year after I started running
RQ3 that I banned strengthening and armoring enchantments and adopted hero
points instead. I felt much happier with that.

Looking back from here, I suspect that RQ3 is the system that is least
suited to high-level play. It's very fine-grained, uses a lot of small
modifiers and dropped Defense and 100%+ attacks reducing parry, both of
which worked better at high levels. RQ2's magic limit also prevented high
level play from being solely about who had the highest powered magic, which
is what RQ3 tended to devolve to.

On 8 November 2010 06:59, David Cake <dave at difference.com.au> wrote:

> At 6:12 AM +0000 8/11/10, Phil Hibbs wrote:
>>  > Interestingly for me, one of the more successful characters in my
>>> current campaign has leveraged his position as a Runelord of Orlanth by
>>> spending the bulk of his accumulated POW gains on strengthening
>>> enchantments instead of mostly on spells like the other characters.
>>> ...  It seems obvious, but not a tactic I've often encountered from
>>> players, interestingly.  An extra 2-4 hit points in each of the pc's arms
>>> is
>>> worth far more than just that few extra hp, it often seems to be *just*
>>> enough to keep things functioning that few extra rounds needed.
>> I've had a player do that, he had 32 general hit points, once survived
>> a critical hit to the head with a crossbow bolt.
>        PCs enchanting themselves with extra HPs etc is actually something I
> quite like. I never found it overpowering, it lets combat oriented players
> keep playing combat oriented characters without feeling they have to switch
> to more magic oriented ones, and making the player a little less brittle
> makes for a better game both for the players and the GM.
>        The only real issue I had with it as written in the rules, was that
> it sounded really boring. Yeah, you get tatooed or whatever, now you are
> tougher. So I just made it more interesting. One PC got enchanted by trolls,
> which turned out to be opening up his chest and putting more darkness in his
> heart.
>        Cheers
>                David
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