[Runequest] Highlevel combat

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Mon Nov 8 17:59:32 EST 2010

At 6:12 AM +0000 8/11/10, Phil Hibbs wrote:
>  > Interestingly for me, one of the more successful characters in my
>>current campaign has leveraged his position as a Runelord of Orlanth by
>>spending the bulk of his accumulated POW gains on strengthening
>>enchantments instead of mostly on spells like the other characters.
>>...  It seems obvious, but not a tactic I've often encountered from
>>players, interestingly.  An extra 2-4 hit points in each of the pc's arms is
>>worth far more than just that few extra hp, it often seems to be *just*
>>enough to keep things functioning that few extra rounds needed.
>I've had a player do that, he had 32 general hit points, once survived
>a critical hit to the head with a crossbow bolt.

	PCs enchanting themselves with extra HPs etc is actually 
something I quite like. I never found it overpowering, it lets combat 
oriented players keep playing combat oriented characters without 
feeling they have to switch to more magic oriented ones, and making 
the player a little less brittle makes for a better game both for the 
players and the GM.
	The only real issue I had with it as written in the rules, 
was that it sounded really boring. Yeah, you get tatooed or whatever, 
now you are tougher. So I just made it more interesting. One PC got 
enchanted by trolls, which turned out to be opening up his chest and 
putting more darkness in his heart.

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