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From: David Cake <dave at difference.com.au>
:        This is very much my experience, too - a missed parry can be quite
a game changer. And as in most cases armour increases drastically, and
weapon damage increases significantly to try to punch :through it, while hit
points increase only mildly at best, criticals became a very big deal.
:        But the real problem with high level play for me was it often
became about waiting for that 5% missed parry or that fumble. Round after
round of hit parry hit parry hit parry was DULL. It was also very
:arbitrary, in that same 5% chance of a missed parry for everybody became
perhaps the single biggest factor in determining ultimate success in battle.
:        Cheers
:                David

Interestingly for me, one of the more successful characters in my current
campaign has leveraged his position as a Runelord of Orlanth by spending the
bulk of his accumulated POW gains on strengthening enchantments instead of
mostly on spells like the other characters.  Since he takes the role of tank
for the group, this has paid off AMPLY and repeatedly.  It seems very slowly
incremental, but after spending 10-12 points on these, he's unbelievably
durable.  It seems obvious, but not a tactic I've often encountered from
players, interestingly.  An extra 2-4 hit points in each of the pc's arms is
worth far more than just that few extra hp, it often seems to be *just*
enough to keep things functioning that few extra rounds needed.
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