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On 7 November 2010 14:42, Hola Hallo <easysamurai at gmail.com> wrote:

> Aside from this, I would also like to know how people have run *heroquests
>> *with RQ3 or MRQ2.
> I've run the Blood of Orlanth HeroQuest in MRQII and two This World
heroquests. There's also a portion of a heroquest in Secrets of the Wyter.
 As I said elsewhere, heroquests are easy to run in RQ once you get past the
old mistaken idea that skills need to be ludicrously high. Oddly Inception
can work as a good analogy. Things work just like they do in the real world
only with HeroQuest logical overlaid. Thus if you stray off the path you
risk being expelled or getting lost in scenes you can't escape from. And,
somewhat like a film, you cut from scene to scene without experiencing all
the in-betweens.

To be a bit technical, RQII introduces the notion of Mythic Resonance, a
percentage rating, which measures the power of the myth. The higher the
resonance, the more dangerous it is if things go wrong, the tougher the
challenges are and the greater the rewards are. Thing is that mechanic could
be imported into any edition of RQ as is.
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