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> >         But the real problem with high level play for me was it often
> > became about waiting for that 5% missed parry or that fumble. Round
> > after round of hit parry hit parry hit parry was DULL.
> Except it doesn't really last longer than several rounds (although that
> can be a while in RQ)... A successful parry only protected to the extent
> of the APs of the weapon and anything beyond was both applied to the
> target plus it reduced the APs by an additional 1... and as you say, the
> damage that was being thrown around by powerful PCs (Bladesharp IV,
> +1d4-1d6 damage bonus, Truesword, Damage Boosting) tends to turn
> parrying weapons - even those of iron one - into mush pretty quickly....

That's true, but what if most of the PCs know that an over 100% parry skill
is worse than an over 100% dodge skill (ENC included)? Then we are all
waiting for a critical to decide the outcome of the combat. :-)  As a GM, I
sometimes *hate *the *dodge *skill in RQ3 (we apply the *houserule *that a
successful dodge reduces the level of success of the attack). Maybe we
shouldn't have applied that houserule, but eliminating it now would be
impossible. They tricked me!!! :-(

Maybe I could trick them back by switching to MRQ2, where there's no dodge,
only Evade...? Mmmh...

Aside from this, I would also like to know how people have run
*heroquests *with
RQ3 or MRQ2.
Also interesting: has anyone run a heroquest in which the characters have
failed to achieve their goal?
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