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Andrew bgecko at bigpond.com
Sun Nov 7 13:51:38 EST 2010

All the comments on high level play are pretty relevant. When all the 
antagonists in a combat are over 100% it can often become a stalemate of 
attack/parry. The best way our gaming group has found to break the cycle is 
to have the parties use multiple attack options: ie: fighters hacking away, 
but also casting high level spells (pushed Multispell disruptions by 
multiple players can be deadly if targetted at a single opponent), summoning 
of spirits, elementals can also be an effective tactic if used in 
combination. Even if a spirit is relatively weak, denying use of battlemagic 
during Spirit combat can often make the difference.

Additionally, as PC's become more powerful, magic items and powers/abilities 
start to creep into the game providing greater flexibility still. Can be a 
tough balancing act as a DM, but generally pretty worthwhile.

As I've said bfore we use hybrid rules (AH RQ2 as a base, with parts from 
the original Chaosium ruleset and all subsequent editions) and house rules 
to address things such as breath weapons. The AH RQ had a good system for 
Giants and large creature attacks as pointed out previously.


> On Sat, 2010-11-06 at 03:29 +0800, David Cake wrote:
>> >  Luck, ironically, seemingly becomes dominant in the results.
> Hey, that's what was written on the box "Masters of Luck and Death"!
>>         But the real problem with high level play for me was it often
>> became about waiting for that 5% missed parry or that fumble. Round
>> after round of hit parry hit parry hit parry was DULL.
> Except it doesn't really last longer than several rounds (although that
> can be a while in RQ)... A successful parry only protected to the extent
> of the APs of the weapon and anything beyond was both applied to the
> target plus it reduced the APs by an additional 1... and as you say, the
> damage that was being thrown around by powerful PCs (Bladesharp IV,
> +1d4-1d6 damage bonus, Truesword, Damage Boosting) tends to turn
> parrying weapons - even those of iron one - into mush pretty quickly....
> All the best,
> Lev
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