[Runequest] Runequest Digest, Vol 30, Issue 8

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Fri Nov 5 01:40:02 EST 2010

At 8:23 PM +1000 4/11/10, Andrew wrote:
>Just as an aside regarding preferred RQ versions.
>My gaming group play a hybrid version of RQ2, mainly because the 
>supplements from that era (Pavis, Big Rubble, Borderlands, TrollPak 
>et al) were by far the most interesting and in depth treatment of 
>games supplements I think I've ever seen (or will see as it happens)

	I'm pretty unconvinced by that reasoning, myself. Supplements 
aren't rules for a start.
	It is easier to adapt RQ2 material to RQ3 than vice versa 
(mostly due to magic system - no sorcery, poorly developed enchanting 
and shamanism,  etc in RQ2, a lot more variation in cult structure in 
RQ3). So if you are going to use material from both editions, it is a 
lot easier to work from an RQ3 base, especially as there is a fair 
bit of RQ2 material reissued for RQ3 (Trollpak, most of the cults, 
etc). And the RQ3 rules really were better in many ways.
	And there is a lot of really good RQ3 material. I actually 
think Gaumata's Vision might be the best scenario ever published for 
RuneQuest, for a start. And so much great fan material in the RQ3 era 
- Tales of the Reaching Moon especially.
	RQ2 was very far ahead of its time, but that doesn't mean RQ3 
material was all a step down.
	I'd also very much recommend the recent Moon Design Heroquest 
stuff for any old RQers. Heaps of pure Gloranthan background info, 
really so good it is in the 'Griffon Mountain' class, just if you use 
it with RQ you will have to do the stats yourself.

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