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Simon Phipp soltakss at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 09:52:22 EST 2010

Sven Lugar:

> @Simon: I have avoided Mongoose products after their rather shabby 
> treatment of Steve Perrin & us Old Grognards of Runequest. So I can't 
> really comment on any of the MRQ versions (I only saw the first playtest 
> version before they shafted the original Mopgoose playtesters). Other 
> than that I totally agree with you on your list other than perhaps 
> fitting RQ1 & RQ0 (the playtest version - I evidently own the last 
> extant copy & still in the original brown binder) just beneath RQ2. 

I never played RQ1 and have never heard of RQ0 - as a matter of interest, how 
did RQ0 play? Was it very different to RQ2?

As to Mongoose's treatment of the RQ Grandees, that never really bothered me. 
Business is business. The playtest was bad and they clearly weren't bothered by 
what anybody thought. They even started another smaller playtest group full of 
people who's ideas they liked - the result was MRQ1, so that really wasn't a 
good idea.

> Out of curiosity, how would you fit BRP into that list?


See Ya

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