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On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 11:32 +0800, David Cake wrote:

> 	In addition, it is worth noting that the troll army Nysalor 
> was facing had summoned Kygor Litor herself (and had huge support 
> from trolls across Genertela) - it wasn't just that Nysalor had huge 
> support, but the trolls did as well. When your community Supports 
> your quest, they aren't just helping you - they are committing to the 
> quest as well. If your supporters commit to help you magically, they 
> also stand to lose something if you lose.

That's absolutely correct and something that has been repeated as a
theme numerous times in various Glorantha related products (e.g., King
of Dragon Pass, Hero Wars etc). Of course, as a RuneQuest mailing list
I'm interested in how to incorporate such effects into the RQ game
system - even if it does mean stealing wholesale from HW/HQ.

> >Sounds great. So is the plan to manage to do the HeroQuest without
> >losing to Orlanth and ZZ and managing to survive to the end, fire
> >powers intact?
> 	Which of course means whatever they face after that point is 
> even more powerful than usual.

Even more so, if they do succeed, I'm thinking of throwing in a plot
change when a beaten Zorak Zoran offers to help out Yelmalio on the hill
fighting Chaos creatures as long as he advocates that's ZZ becomes Lord
of the Dead, displacing Yelm's rule of the Underworld...

> 	There is plenty of weird hidden history of Yelmalio - I'm not 
> even sure the religion as such existed until the third age, certainly 
> not under that name. So if you wanted to, there would be plenty of 
> fun play to carry on after they are successful. Personally, I find 
> the most interesting bit of the history the idea that the late Dawn 
> Age Sun Dome Temples were actually temples to Daysenerus, the 
> Nysaloran god of the High Light, a sort of mystic light cult, long 
> since suppressed by Arkats followers.

Probably about time I mentioned then that the trollkin is Illuminated :)

> in published version are probably weird enough). Have the Orlanthi 
> they meet be someone they already are familiar with, perhaps fighting 
> them is mythically necessary but personally awkward.

Well, chances are it won't be a fight. The Eurmal Priest intends to use
his illusion powers to convince everyone that *he* is really Yelmalio :)

> It works great if you 
> have a game system that has already emphasised this sort of thing in 
> the game system somehow so far - like Pendragon or HeroQuest (duh) 
> but if you don't it probably isn't a good idea to introduce them at 
> this point at make players roll against them.

Sure, as you suggest I have really pushed that through religious,
cultural and - most importantly - runic associations.

> But having the stats of the 
> opponents they are fighting be *almost* too powerful is perfect. 

Certainly; that has been a feature of my game since the start actually.
There has been a number of *very* close battles, some "just in time"
Divine Interventions and so forth...

> 	One interesting curve ball to throw your players if they if 
> they lose the fight against ZZ, they could still 'win' in the 
> traditional manner - which does grant immortality, so it is no little 
> thing!

Quite true, quite true..

> 	Worked well, I was pretty happy with it, and was a nicely 
> fitting heroic end to the game. I hope yours goes as well!

I have heard some of that tale in the past, but great to hear it in

All the best,


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