[Runequest] Reissues was Re: Runequest Digest, Vol 30, Issue 7

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Thu Nov 4 19:02:32 EST 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-04 at 12:51 +0800, David Cake wrote:
> 	My understanding is none.
> 	Mongoose have released a new edition of their own RuneQuest, 
> significantly different in rules, which they are calling RuneQuest 2, 
> but I think everyone but them will probably be calling MRQ2 in order 
> to avoid confusion.

I think that will be the case. I must admit when I first heard the
announcement I thought they were re-releasing RQII and was a little
annoyed with the naming choice. As were a number of other people;


> 	My understanding is that the Basic Roleplaying System 
> currently offered by Chaosium
> http://basicroleplaying.com/content.php/34-Basic-Roleplaying
> 	seems to be some bits of rules from Call of Cthulhu, some 
> from RQ3, with the rules for magic/other extraordinary powers from 
> several different settings (Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, Elfquest, 
> Superworld, etc). Several of the supplements for it look to be 
> straight RQ3 reissues, though.
> 	Anyone taken a look at it?

Sure, I was a playtester and have a copy sitting on my shelf. 

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Hope this helps,


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