[Runequest] Posting (was Re: RQII)

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Thu Nov 4 18:46:46 EST 2010

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 11:14 -0400, Peter Maranci wrote:
> I've never heard of a RuneQuest 11, although I'm religiously avoiding
> Mongoose RQ - for all I know, Stafford could have authorized them to
> publish RuneQuest 1,000,000.
> But I suspect that you're talking about RuneQuest II, that is, RQ2 in
> Roman numerals. Does that make sense to you?

Hi Peter,

What I wrote to Harry goes for you too ;)

Actually it goes for everyone.

1) When replying to a digest topic, please change the subject that you
actually want to discuss...

2) Please trim emails to 40kb, otherwise they'll sit in the moderator's
bin and maybe I'll attend to them. 

3) If you want to be *really* nice use in-line posting as well...

All the best,


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