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@Simon: I have avoided Mongoose products after their rather shabby 
treatment of Steve Perrin & us Old Grognards of Runequest. So I can't 
really comment on any of the MRQ versions (I only saw the first playtest 
version before they shafted the original Mopgoose playtesters). Other 
than that I totally agree with you on your list other than perhaps 
fitting RQ1 & RQ0 (the playtest version - I evidently own the last 
extant copy & still in the original brown binder) just beneath RQ2. Out 
of curiosity, how would you fit BRP into that list?
On 11/3/2010 1:15 PM, Simon Phipp wrote:
> Harry Woolley:
> > can any body explain to me why there is a runequest 11 as ther is 3 
> and 4? do the new additions?
> > not inprove on the ones before,should it not be called 5 as it is a 
> inproved version,
> RQ1 and RQ2 were brought out by Chaosium in the late 1970s and early 
> 1980s.
> RQ3 was brought out by Avalon Hill, but written by Chaosium, in 1985.
> There was a proposed RQ4 in the 1990s that was never published.
> Mongoose brought out a new version of RuneQuest (MRQ1) in 2005 (?) as 
> Issaries Inc had the rights to RuneQuest (I believe). That version was 
> full of holes and wasn't very good from a rules point of view.
> Mongoose brought out a new version of RuneQuest (MRQ2), which they 
> called RuneQuest II (as the earlier versions clearly meant nothing to 
> them). This was a lot better, ruleswise, and is a vast improvement on 
> MRQ1.
> In my opinion, I would rank the versions as follows (best version at 
> the top):
> RQ3
> MRQ2
> RQ2
> RQ4
> MRQ1
> However, other people will definitely disagree ...
> See Ya
> Simon
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