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Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Wed Nov 3 11:39:18 EST 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-02 at 23:49 +0000, Nikk Effingham wrote:
> IMG it's less that and more about your Supporters. The more people who
> Support your Quest, the more 'real' the change was. So I imagine
> things like the Trollkin Curse could've been done on a small scale (so
> 100 people get together and do the HeroQuest, causing the local troll
> tribe to suffer trollkin births) but Nysalor rallied the Support of an
> entire empire and promptly inflicted the curse upon every troll in the
> world.

Good point. In my particular context I'll ensure that all (or at least
many) of the Sun Dome temples will be conducting the HeroQuest
simultaneously as practise runs. I might even encourage the trollkin and
dark elves, if the PCs can promote rebellion, to do the same.

> Sounds great. So is the plan to manage to do the HeroQuest without
> losing to Orlanth and ZZ and managing to survive to the end, fire
> powers intact?

That's pretty much it..

> One thing, which you may or may not care to try out, is
> that some Yelmalions won't *like* the idea of Yelmalio winning. Some
> of them will see the idea of Yelmalio as a suffering martyr to be core
> to the religion, so not every memb: traditionalist priests threatening
> them with censure; a possible schism in the religion etc. Or maybe
> not.

Yep, there will be some attempting sabotage along the way; along with a
particularly nasty trick that Eurmal/Orlanth has planned... The quest
may still fail!

> > Stats are here. Ouch.
> > http://www.nikkeffingham.com/runequest/hog1.htm
> Eee, I was a mean bugger. I'd probably tone these down nowadays as my
> current rules set is quite divorced from the one I was using when I
> wrote these (specifically all stats and skills are lower, and I've
> ditched things like quintupling experience gains after a HeroQuest).

OK, I was going to that anyway, but good to know..

BTW, one thing I don't get (ergo the new subject title) is how
Divine/Rune spells work in the Godplane. I'm of two schools of thought,
one which says that they don't work at all and the hero is supposed to
draw from their own power and another (a la Pendragon's fairyland) says
that they can be cast at will because it's the stuff of the realm. 

Obviously these are extremes, but I notice that rather than spells you
have "rune levels" (e.g., ZZ has Runes: Darkness 90, Disorder 70, Death
60.) How do those work exactly? And do the PCs have access to them?

> And I'd set it up so that Yelmalio
> *didn't* get those kind of HeroQuests (he's his own man! No-one ever
> helped him, no-one ever's GOING to help him! A Gloranthan Ayn Rand).

Heheh.. I'm going to use that theme now :) Except he does end up with
True Friends (High King Elf and Arrion The Healer)

All the best,


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