[Runequest] Runequest Digest, Vol 30, Issue 2

Nikk Effingham nikk.effingham at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 10:49:31 EST 2010

> I once read on the Glorantha mailing list, that if one heroquester changes
> the usual course of a given myth does not mean that the myth changes for
> everyone in the world. Only when everyone starts reenacting the myth in
> another way does the myth change universally (in your case, Yelmalio regains
> his power over fire). However, that can change in your Glorantha, and it
> probably should (to make a more epic finale). :-)

IMG it's less that and more about your Supporters. The more people who
Support your Quest, the more 'real' the change was. So I imagine
things like the Trollkin Curse could've been done on a small scale (so
100 people get together and do the HeroQuest, causing the local troll
tribe to suffer trollkin births) but Nysalor rallied the Support of an
entire empire and promptly inflicted the curse upon every troll in the

> After a 3.5 year, 70 session plus RuneQuest (mainly III, a bit of AiG, a
> bit of MRQI/II) campaign I'm nearing the end... The PCs have collected
> the torches (c.f., Plunder) containing Yelmalio's Blood and are seeking
> ingress to Redstone Caverns where they will empty the torches into fire
> spirit and engage in the famous Hill of Gold HeroQuest, and regain said
> powers for Yelmalio...

Sounds great. So is the plan to manage to do the HeroQuest without
losing to Orlanth and ZZ and managing to survive to the end, fire
powers intact? One thing, which you may or may not care to try out, is
that some Yelmalions won't *like* the idea of Yelmalio winning. Some
of them will see the idea of Yelmalio as a suffering martyr to be core
to the religion, so not every memb: traditionalist priests threatening
them with censure; a possible schism in the religion etc. Or maybe

> Stats are here. Ouch.
> http://www.nikkeffingham.com/runequest/hog1.htm

Eee, I was a mean bugger. I'd probably tone these down nowadays as my
current rules set is quite divorced from the one I was using when I
wrote these (specifically all stats and skills are lower, and I've
ditched things like quintupling experience gains after a HeroQuest).

>  In your case, you will have to decide who is more likely to play the
> part of Yelmalio and what part do the other PCs play. If they are not
> Yelmalio worshippers, they may have a penalty to their skills (maybe
> one can be Yelmalio's spear, another one his shield, etc.). When Zorak
> Zoran appears, of course his trolls will be able to cast all his magic
> normally, and the main character (Yelmalio) will have a penalizer to
> fight against Zorak Zoran, as in the myth he loses. I mean, it has to
> be hard to change the course of a myth, even more so in the case of
> the Hill of Gold within uz lands!

I always envisioned the HoG to be a solo affair, with no aid. The only
way to get aid would be to have HeroQuest spells to summon aid whilst
you're on the HeroQuest itself. For instance, IMG Iron Rings of
Orlanth can get access to myths to summon their Iron Ring onto the
heroplane to help them out. And I'd set it up so that Yelmalio
*didn't* get those kind of HeroQuests (he's his own man! No-one ever
helped him, no-one ever's GOING to help him! A Gloranthan Ayn Rand).
So if my players ever wanted to try something like that they'd have
had to have spent ages trying to figure out how to somehow teach the
Yelmalion the requisite myths to summon them when he got on the
Heroplane. Ten times as difficult then... Obviously that might not be
such a hot idea in your campaign, your players may not appreciate that
restriction this late in the day.

> We have, as YGWV, some vary strange variations.

Doesn't everyone. I'm currently running a smuggler's game, which is
problematic given one PC is a trollkin and another a red haired
Babeester Gori. After a crime, their description tends to give them
away (they banned a player from bringing in a duck, as they thought
that at that stage they may as well just hand themselves over to the
city guard).


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