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Tue Nov 2 00:01:55 EST 2010

On Mon, 2010-11-01 at 12:43 +0100, Hola Hallo wrote:
> Hi,
> Your campaign looks very interesting.

Thank you!

> I've only recently run my first heroquest in my RQ3 campaign, and it
> was a "this-world heroquest", as described in the Sartar book (it was
> actually the River Ritual described in Sun County). That means that
> the power of the heroplane is invoked on the mundane plane, so
> everything happens in the mundane plane. 

Sure, we ran through that scenario as well and like yourself I
considered it HeroQuest invoked on the mundane plane... Sort of a
"Practise HeroQuest" to use the language I've read elsewhere...

> I'm still not sure how to handle a heroquest in the heroplane with
> RQ3, but I guess it shouldn't be that difficult. I'd say the magic
> that does not fit with the main character of the myth is harder to
> cast for PCs, and enemies are usually very powerful.

Well, I've found some rules and even some stats. The stats are pretty

Rules Here

Hill of Gold


Stats are here. Ouch.

Variants on stations here

>  In your case, you will have to decide who is more likely to play the
> part of Yelmalio and what part do the other PCs play. If they are not
> Yelmalio worshippers, they may have a penalty to their skills (maybe
> one can be Yelmalio's spear, another one his shield, etc.). When Zorak
> Zoran appears, of course his trolls will be able to cast all his magic
> normally, and the main character (Yelmalio) will have a penalizer to
> fight against Zorak Zoran, as in the myth he loses. I mean, it has to
> be hard to change the course of a myth, even more so in the case of
> the Hill of Gold within uz lands!

We have, as YGWV, some vary strange variations. There is of course the
Yelmalio Priest who is the head-honcho of the quest... But there is also
a Agimori Lodril initiate who has come along to help... A rebellious
trollkin shaman who has a highly distorted version of Black Sun worship
(he understands that he has to protect his brother's back, where he
can't see), plus his close supporter, an Adept Dark Elf, who thinks that
the Hill of Gold (being a forest in the darkness) has lacked the input
of mushrooms over the years..

As an added twist, an Eurmal Priest (yes, as ordained by an Orlanthi
Priest), is coming along to take over from the role of Orlanth!

> I once read on the Glorantha mailing list, that if one heroquester
> changes the usual course of a given myth does not mean that the myth
> changes for everyone in the world. Only when everyone starts
> reenacting the myth in another way does the myth change universally
> (in your case, Yelmalio regains his power over fire). However, that
> can change in your Glorantha, and it probably should (to make a more
> epic finale). :-)

That's correct, I read it that way as well. The HQ changes the present.
The only people who had the ability to do major changes in the past were
the Godlearners...

> At the very least, the player playing the part of Yelmalio would gain
> fire powers (and his companions would get some powers too).

At the very least indeed... They're aiming to return fire powers back to

> Do you keep a campaing journal?

Sure do:


Enjoy! And thanks for your comments!


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