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Your campaign looks very interesting.

I've only recently run my first heroquest in my RQ3 campaign, and it was a
"this-world heroquest", as described in the Sartar book (it was actually the
River Ritual described in Sun County). That means that the power of the
heroplane is invoked on the mundane plane, so everything happens in the
mundane plane.

I'm still not sure how to handle a heroquest in the heroplane with RQ3, but
I guess it shouldn't be that difficult. I'd say the magic that does not fit
with the main character of the myth is harder to cast for PCs, and enemies
are usually very powerful. In your case, you will have to decide who is more
likely to play the part of Yelmalio and what part do the other PCs play. If
they are not Yelmalio worshippers, they may have a penalty to their skills
(maybe one can be Yelmalio's spear, another one his shield, etc.). When
Zorak Zoran appears, of course his trolls will be able to cast all his magic
normally, and the main character (Yelmalio) will have a penalizer to fight
against Zorak Zoran, as in the myth he loses. I mean, it has to be hard to
change the course of a myth, even more so in the case of the Hill of Gold
within uz lands!

I once read on the Glorantha mailing list, that if one heroquester changes
the usual course of a given myth does not mean that the myth changes for
everyone in the world. Only when everyone starts reenacting the myth in
another way does the myth change universally (in your case, Yelmalio regains
his power over fire). However, that can change in your Glorantha, and it
probably should (to make a more epic finale). :-)

At the very least, the player playing the part of Yelmalio would gain fire
powers (and his companions would get some powers too).

Do you keep a campaing journal?

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> Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 21:39:31 +1100
> Hi people,
> After a 3.5 year, 70 session plus RuneQuest (mainly III, a bit of AiG, a
> bit of MRQI/II) campaign I'm nearing the end... The PCs have collected
> the torches (c.f., Plunder) containing Yelmalio's Blood and are seeking
> ingress to Redstone Caverns where they will empty the torches into fire
> spirit and engage in the famous Hill of Gold HeroQuest, and regain said
> powers for Yelmalio...
> Now I've read a few ways to conduct HeroQuests using RuneQuest... What
> are your recommendations?
> (I have a couple of weeks; a bunch of people trying to sneak into
> Redstone Caverns is hard enough!)
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