[Runequest] Runequest Digest, Vol 25, Issue 8

Hola Hallo easysamurai at gmail.com
Mon May 17 09:21:12 EST 2010

> > I don't have any of these nor have I looked at any reviews so caveat
> emptor.
> The contributors' names are all reputable - Jane Williams, Jeff
> Richard, Mark Galeotti, etc., so that's promising.
> Phil Hibbs.
> --
> Don't you just hate self-referential sigs?
I have the first three issues, and they are *good*! They are not our beloved
"Tales of the Reaching Moon" (yet), but it is just beginning and full of
interesting articles. They are definitely worth a look. I think it is good
that at least someone is making the effort of publishing a Glorantha related
zine!!! [?]
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